Two-way traffic signal sets and safety
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Two-way traffic signal set – diesel

This traffic signal set is diesel powered and operates with very low noise levels. The large capacity 13.5 litre inboard fuel tank provides over 24 hours running time on a standard two-phase system. An optional second tank can give 48+ hours running time. Features of this set include:

Two-way traffic signal set – battery

This battery powered two-way traffic signal set features radio-controlled portable traffic signals. Designed for two-phase (shuttle working) traffic control, this is a compact system that uses the latest controller technology. Communication is via radio-link to avoid the need for cables. This set includes:

Two-way traffic signal set – mains

This freestanding system comprises two-phase cable-linked traffic signals, which can be transported in a small commercial vehicle. The system is powered by a mains transformer 110V AC. The signal set features:

Stop and Go safety sign - remote control traffic signal

These remotely controlled ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ safety signs can be operated by just one person - easily managing the flow of traffic at both ends of the work zone. The complete system comprises two identical base units and one hand-held radio remote control unit with battery belt power pack and charger. The two-way ‘Robo’ sets are compact enough to carry in a small commercial vehicle and come with:

Stop/Go safety sign – manually operated traffic signal

These manually operated ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ traffic signal signs are compact enough to be transported in a small commercial vehicle. Each sign is double-sided and the system requires two operators to manage and control the traffic flow at both ends of the work zone. The set includes:

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