March and parade crowd safety management

Signage for march or parade crowd management

At an event such as a march or a parade, crowd safety is key. VMS can be a good solution for directing and controlling crowds, helping people to find everything from first aid tents to portable toilets. VMS messaging can be used for more than just crowd management and safety – keeping people informed can help everyone present to enjoy a parade event or help keep marches under control. VMS can help to:

VMS can also be used outside of the parade or march area to minimise traffic disruption, keep event entry and exit under control and create a good impression:

Total march and parade management

Amber Langis Ltd can offer all the equipment and expertise you’ll need to create a safe and organised march or parade.  Control crowd safety with VMS, cones, pedestrian barriers and more. Simply contact us for more information about how Amber Langis Ltd can help you.

Marches and Parades